SAX O PHONE - S & B Club Mix
SAX O PHONE - S&B Original Mix
Sax O Phone - S&B Menini & Viani Remix
CRAM - SIMIOLI & DI MIRO' Moove records
BUMBO - THE BLACK PROJECT Simioli & Black original mix
AINT NOBODY - The Black Project Loudbit Rec
SWEET LOVER - Inaya Day vs Menini & Viani (Simioli & Black remix)
NEEDING U - The Blackproject (Simioli & Black original mix)
OFF THE WALL - The Black Project (Simioli & Black original mix)
MY LOVIN - Samuele Sartini (Theblackproject remix)
Other songs:
N.S Feat MAR-KEY - My Love (Propio Rec)
NELLOW – Devotion (Looking Farward Rec)
N-PROJECT- Love And Emotions (Trend Factory Rec)
LADY RAIN – Don’t Give Me Love (Enjoyland Rec)
TRIP FISH - One Last Groove (Rise Records)
TANGO (Do It Yourself)
BITTER FRUITS – Waitin (Rise Records)
BITTER FRUITS – Rhythmoo (Rise Records)
BITTERFRUITS – Tyraa (Rise Records)
BACK TO BASICS - Mama-Kossa (Rise Records)
BACK TO BASICS – Where’s My Money (Rise Records)
BACK TO BASICS – Alf Layla Wa Laya (Rise Rec)
VI nella classifica di vendite Estate 2002
BZS - Music On The Rocks ep (Rise Records)
Stop & Listen Positano Calls Paris (Disco Amnesia Ibiza, Estate ’99)
Space Tax
THE DUNE – Kiss In The Desert
BACK TO BASICS – Mamakossa Remix 2005 (Rise Rec) N 16
italian Top Club Chart 2004/5
SIMIOLI Vs RIVAZ Electro Pump (d: Vision Rec).
Simioli Vs Renzo Arbore & Orchestra Italiana “ O’ Saracino
Rmx” (Rise Rec)
Simioli & Viani feat Sheena – Touch Me (Rise Rec)
Simioli & Black – Coco Song (Rise Rec)
Simioli Di Leva Cheval – Wave Of Joy (Rise Rec)

Le ultime in uscita:

S&B - Sax O Phone(Moove Records)
Nello Simioli & Black feat Solaris - Push It(Loudbit Rec) Simioli & DiMiro' - Cram(Moove Rec)
Nello Simioli - Hard Days(Moove Rec)
The Black Project - Aint Nobody(Loudbit Rec)
The Black project - Bumbo(Loudbit Rec)

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